The creator's guide to choosing the perfect laptop

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Macbook Pro range
The new Macbook Pro range is perfect for creators. (Getty Images)
  • Apple's new MacBook Pro range is perfect for those needing to process large files.
  • The range features the MacBook M1 Pro and the MacBook M1 Max.
  • They are powered by leading-edge processing technology called SOC - system-on-a-chip.

While the ability to create has been simplified and commercialised over the years, few devices can really match the pace and quality of your projects. When it comes to working on projects with massive file sizes and high-resolution visuals, a poorly equipped machine will buckle under the pressure to keep up.

Creators like photographers and videographers, or professionals who work with rich media, need a powerhouse machine that can withstand the demands of creativity and moving media. Brands are also expecting creators to be able to process more video than ever before as the market looks for longer engagement.

Traditionally, the type of power and speed required for this could only be had with custom built towers in PCs, but those days are over thanks to the clever new architecture that Apple has employed in its new MacBook Pro range. Even if you could find a PC laptop powerful enough, it would still need to be plugged in for full performance. With the M1 chips in MacBook Pro, you get 100% full performance on battery, and for much longer than you'd expect.

It's in this area that Apple's new MacBook Pro range stands bold in the spotlight. The range features the MacBook M1 Pro and the MacBook M1 Max – both of which are powered by a leading-edge processing technology called SOC (System on a Chip) – making them stand out among other leading PC laptops.

To help you know what to consider when getting a new device as a visual creator, here are four things to keep in mind and how Apple’s latest MacBook Pro range has you covered for each:

Processor Speed

As a visual creator, you end up working on massive files that really chow on a machine’s productivity. To help you navigate large file sizes with ease while also needing to multitask on your device, it’s wise to check the processor speed on a laptop or ask a tech consultant for the specs before purchasing. As mentioned earlier, the MacBook Pro M1 range flexes its speedy processor capabilities with its on-deck SOC (System on a Chip) feature. SOC is an engineering breakthrough in the industry that makes it possible for several previously isolated processing components, such as laptop CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, and audio and image processing hardware, to be combined on a single chip, with unified memory and up to 57-billion transistors. This means that the overall processing experience of the device is made smooth and seamless. 

While all the processing systems are being compressed onto a single chip on the device, the MacBook M1 range doesn’t skimp on the processing speed. The chip boasts up to a 10-core CPU processor that zips through complex workflows and heavy workloads with up to 2.8x faster-processing performance than its predecessor MacBooks. Visual creators can also revel in the incredible GPU processor that goes up to a 32-core version that promises up to 5x faster graphics performance than its older models – allowing you the ability to enjoy high-resolution graphics without the device speed dipping. These paired with the 16-core Neural Engine that offers you up to 11x faster ML performance. 

Storage Space

Another key thing to consider if you’re a creator who does have to back-up multiple versions of large files is the storage capacity of your device. From on-board to expandable to cloud storage availability – it’s wise to see how much your new device can store for you and how it can assist you in backing up older files on external or virtual drives. The MacBook M1 range allows you to get up to 2TB of SSD storage and up to 16GB of unified memory on the M1 chips – giving you peace of mind when it comes to storing your data and projects. You can also back up your older data and projects with ease on your device to your iCloud account when you need to spare up the onboard storage.

Screen Resolution

While having an impressive GPU on your laptop helps you to work on crisp and vibrant graphics – from images to video, your device screen itself needs to be able to let you see it in its full splendour. Be sure to check screen resolution specs when out shopping for your next powerhouse creative hub. The MacBook M1 range is built with sleek retina displays powered by bright LED backlighting and True Tone technology that allows you to enjoy crisp, vibrant, and colour correct visuals – True Tone automatically adjusts displayed colours to adapt to your lighting environment – while working on projects. 

Battery Life

And, of course, all the above are great, but can often take a toll on a device’s battery life as well as actual performance delivered on battery. Be sure to check that your new laptop doesn't compromise on performance in favour of battery life. Knowing how much juice the battery promises to deliver for your working day is key. The MacBook M1 range promises all-day battery life with the ability to last up to 20 hours on a full charge – thanks to the energy efficiencies inherent to the new M1 Pro and M1 Max SOC design. These chips allow the MacBook M1 Pro and MacBook M1 Max to deliver a better performance and processing experience while also using 70% less power than previous models and competitor PCs – making video and image editing processing a breeze, whether on battery or plugged in.

These are four key things to consider when choosing your next ride-or-die production device. You can treat yourself this festive season and get your hands on the MacBook M1 range at your nearest iStore and the iStore website. Gift yourself and your productivity a smoother experience when you switch to MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max. They even allow you to trade in your old Windows-powered laptop for up to R12 000 in cashback. You can use this toward the purchase of your shiny new MacBook Pro, or you could send your cash back anywhere else, on anything you like.

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