Tower Bridge is arguably one of London’s most impressive and well-known landmarks.

A replica of the bridge in China is twice the size of the original.

The structure, which spans a river in the city of Suzhou, is 40 metres tall, and has four towers instead of two, and cost the country R170 million (£9.4 million) to build, according to The Sun.

This isn't the only iconic structure the country has copied.

China is also home to fake versions of the Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, and the White House. A R2.9 billion (£160 million) life-sized copy of the Titanic is also reported to be in the works.

Bianca Bosker, the author of Original Copies (a book about China’s Western-themed architecture) says China has a tradition of architectural mimicry that goes back over two thousand years.

“In the third century BC, for example, Emperor Qin Shi Huang celebrated his defeat of rival kingdoms by building replicas of their palaces in his own capital city,” Bosker told Forbes

Other rulers showed off their authority by building elaborate gardens that were pre-modern versions of today’s theme parks. That past is key for understanding the present.”

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