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  • "Bregret" is real and growing, research from British polling group YouGov shows.
  • In poll after poll the UK public says Brexit was the "wrong" decision.

For nearly three years it has been one of the strongest, most consistent trends in UK politics, according to one of the country's leading pollsters.

Ever since the British public voted to leave the European Union in June 2016, voters have increasingly regretted the decision. The more they learn about the details, consequences, and repercussions of divorcing from the EU and placing barriers in front of our largest, closest and richest trading partner, the more they regret Brexit, according to YouGov.

The above chart from Pantheon Macroeconomics says it all. It shows a running average of each month's YouGov polls.

The margin of those who believe the decision was "wrong" is now eight to 10 percentage points - about the same margin as voted in favour of Leave back in 2016.

Pantheon analyst Samuel Tombs, who collates this data, thinks this will syncopate with the broadly pro-Remain majority inside the House of Commons to produce a "soft" Brexit that the UK closely bound to the EU.

Here are his predictions:

Pantheon Macroeconomics

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