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  • Buffalo are out of favour at auctions, in a big way compared to 2016 prices.
  • Wildebeest prices are also much lower than in previous years.
  • But other wildlife is still pulling in huge prices.

Looking at top prices paid at game auctions in 2017, it would seem that sables, roans, nyalas and the odd Springbok ram with an impressive horn length can still fetch a good price.

But buffalo and wildebeest prices are much lower than in previous years.

A far cry from top prices that breached the R168 million level for a single buffalo bull in 2016, the highest price paid for a buffalo bull recorded by Spoorex, a blog tracking wildlife financial trends, was R3.8 million, while a buffalo cow in calf with a projected horn span of 129cm was sold for R6.8 million.

By comparison, a sable bull with a 122cm horn span fetched a respectable R6.8 million whilst a cow with a 50cm horn length fetched R2.7 million. A black impala ram was sold for R240,000.

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A roan bull with an 82cm horn length sold for R2.8 million and a red coloured roan cow for R580,000. The top price paid for a nyala bull with an 82cm horn length was R3.6 million.

Other top prices paid per specie, according to Spoorex data, were:

Wildebeest bull: R675,000

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Wildebeest cow: R540,000

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Impala ewe: R55,000

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Kudu bull: R700,000