Here are our top five articles of the past week. 

1) These 6 types of property will likely be the first expropriated - here's why

Business Insider South Africa’s deputy editor Phillip de Wet spoke to Ruth Hall from the Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS) at the University of the Western Cape, and Susan Booysen, director of research at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection, to predict which properties the ANC intends to expropriate without compensation.

2) This woman is on track to grow a slice of her salary into more than R60 million – by doing one free thing

Acclaimed financial journalist Bruce Whitfield wrote about the benefits of compound interest and how you can turn a slice of your monthly salary into more than R60 million by the time you retire.

3) South Africa has the world’s biggest 3D printer – and it takes up to R7.5 million in titanium powder to fill it

South Africa’s biggest 3D printer is also the largest in the world, and could print a full-sized adult man using titanium powder - although it would be very expensive.

4) We shopped at Yuppiechef’s new physical stores in SA malls – here's how their shops differ from other retailers

Yuppiechef, e-commerce veteran which started 12 years ago in a lounge of Plumstead, Cape Town, recently took an unexpected strategic decision: to open brick-and-mortar stores. We visited a Yuppiechef store to see how it looks inside.

5) New 'Melissa's' shops will have cheaper food, this owner says

Surine van Niekerk, a former Melissa’s franchise holder, says high prices contributed to the downfall of Melissa’s. The deli and décor group Melissa’s, founded by Melissa van Hoogstraten in the 1990s, filed for liquidation in May. It operated 19 stores, predominantly in the Western Cape, and supplied to roughly 300 retailers countrywide.