Here are our top five articles of the past week. 

1) MiWay CEO triggers right-wing rage with his tweets about Afrikaners

The CEO of the short-term insurance company MiWay issued a lengthy statement after a week of social media attacks and boycott calls. René Otto's tweets about The Lost Boys of Bird Island, a book about apartheid-era paedophilia, triggered furious condemnation from right-wingers.

2) How the world covered Trump’s tweets about expropriation in South Africa

US president Donald Trump unleashed a tweetstorm on Thursday morning when he falsely claimed that farm seizures and the “large-scale killing of farmers” are taking place in South Africa. This is how international publications covered it.

3) Checkers will launch dinner kits next week – here’s what R119.99 will get you

It has hired chefs to design gourmet dinners, and shoppers will be able to buy all the ingredients for the meal packaged together, along with a step-by-step recipe card as well as a QR code to a how-to video.

4) The Land Bank says expropriation without compensation could cost the government R41 billion overnight – or it could be amazing

Land expropriation without compensation could set off a domino effect of defaults that would make it liable to repay its funder R41 billion, the Land Bank said– "which we would not be able to settle".

5) This is what Joburg looked like a century ago, compared to now

Johannesburg’s identity changed with the discovery of gold in the late 1800s. Since then, Johannesburg has been shaped by mass migration and political developments.

With photos from the Getty Images archives, Business Insider South Africa tracked some of the city's changes since the 1900s.