The absolute best cosplays from Comic Con Africa 2018 – where heroes and villains collided

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Photo Jay Caboz

Fans in cosplay, or role-playing costumes, invaded Johannesburg, South Africa, for the first ever Comic Con in Africa this weekend.

The popular international comic book, gaming and fantasy convention was held at the Kyalami Grand Prix and International Convention Centre, with tens of thousands of fans stepping through the doors. 

We saw creepy villains and majestic heroes galore.

Here were some of our favourites:

A Plus Ultra punch from All Might, from the anime My Hero Academia – Chris Smithard.

Photo Jay Caboz

4-year-old Odirle Ndebele and her super pose.

Odirle Ndebele. Photo Jay Caboz

Frederic Lamarque and Akasha Lilith came all the way from Mauritius to compete in the cosplay competition – and blew our minds. 

Frederic Lamarque - Predator. Photo Jay Caboz

Akasha Lilith as Machiko Noguchi from Alien vs Predator. Photo Jay Caboz

An entire class of My Hero Academia anime cosplayers attended. 

My Hero Academia anime cosplayers. Photo Jay Caboz

Among them were international cosplay guests Yaya Han and Philip Odango, known as Canvas Cosplay.

There was also Khaya Ngulube, who dressed as the creepy villain Stain from My Hero Academia.

Khaya Ngulube Stain from My Hero Academia. Photo Jay Caboz

Schoolboy heroes Shoto Todoroki, Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya were represented by these female cosplayers. 

Jessica Logie(Yamaki Yama Cosplay) Natasha Biccard (Maoukami Cosplay) and Jessica Lu (LuluHannie Cosplay).

Kirstie Du Plessis came as a truly horrifying Clicker from The Last of Us, an action-adventure survival horror video game. 

Kirstie Du Plessis (Puggy Penguin Cosplay) Clicker from The Last of Us. Photo Jay Caboz

She used a Bluetooth speaker to make the creature's distinctive clicking noise and sent people fleeing in terror. 

Sporting a full wing suit made and a blood-soaked spear, Kelsey Atkins came as Avacyn from the card game Magic the Gathering. 

JinxKittie Cosplay Avacyn from the card game Magic the Gathering. Photo Jay Caboz

If one Pennywise, from the clown horror movie It, wasn't scary enough, try three.

Pennywise by Sebasitan and Lindy Horn Vermaak, with Kelsey Aitkens (front)

The winner of the cosplay competition was Tayla Barter, who wore this Monster Hunter Nergigante cosplay.

Tayla Barter (Kinpatsu cosplay) Monster Hunter Nergigante cosplay. Photo Jay Caboz

Tarryn-Leigh Tong came with needle and thread as The Other Mother from Coraline. 

Tarryn-Leigh Tong, The Other Mother in the movie Coraline.

Husband and wife Wynand and Jean Bester came as Hogwarts’ Professor McGonagall and Obelix.

Wynand and Jean Bester. Photo Jay Caboz

Humaira Abdulla, Lyle Sauls, and Sameera Abdulla dressed as Valkyrie, Thor and Gamora from the Marvel Universe.

Humaira Abdulla, Lyle Sauls and Sameera Abdulla. Photo Jay Caboz

Nicholas Neto broke hearts as Zapp Brannigan from Futurama.

Nicholas Neto (Netas Cosplay). Photo Jay Caboz

Nikita Bahadur was Xayah from League of Legends.

Nikita Bahadur

Carrea and Clinton Greeff went "old school" with a timeless classic: Popeye the Sailor and Olive Oyl.

Carrea and Clinton Greeff. Photo Jay Caboz

Justine Edwards got down to some serious web-slinging as Mary Jane Monday from Spider-Man.

Justine Edwards (Justine Kosuplay)

Wonder Woman was also a real hit.

Taz Nobel (Sushibunny Cosplay)

Cosplay teacher Teri Ferreira came as Emma Frost from the X-men.

Teri Ferreira (Toonibug)

The class of young cosplayers she has been teaching were given a heroic welcome on the main stage.

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Then there was Raynardt Vos, who took a breather out of the sun to focus on some wind bending as Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Raynardt Vos

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