Thai Airways Boeing 747-400 about to complete a domestic flight from Bangkok and landing at Phuket over Mai Khao beach.

  • Thai authorities are imposing a new security perimeter at Phuket airport, which partially includes a famous beach.
  • Taking photos in the popular spot will now be illegal, according to local news sources, with the maximum penalty of death.

Beaches close to airport runways are a dream-come-true for plane enthusiasts and elite Instagrammers alike. But in Thailand, one photo spot has become too popular, according to local officials.

Mai Khao Beach, near Phuket International Airport, will impose a 9km "safety zone," the Bangkok Post reported.

"People and tourists will not be allowed to enter this area to take photos," Wichit Kaeothaithiam, the airport's chief executive, told the paper. "The maximum penalty is the death sentence."

Runway 09 of the airport is situated less than 300 metres from the beach, making for an ideal photo spot reminiscent of the famous Maho Beach on the Caribbean island of Sint Maarten.

"Whilst we want to maintain tourism revenue in the area, it is important that we ensure the safety of the planes as well as visitors to the beach," Kaeothaithiam continued, per Phuket News.

"People will be able to take photos from the beach further away from the runway. This way people can enjoy the beach without compromising safety."

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