Dutch police officers pose with their equipment for the viral Tetris challenge.
  • Emergency services around the world are "knolling" - organising and laying objects flat to take photos from above - with the contents of their vehicles.Police cars, ambulances, fire trucks, and search-and-rescue teams are sharing photos of their equipment.
  • Emergency response teams in The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, Hungary, Taiwan, and Mexico took part, among others.
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The art of "knolling" involves laying objects flat in a satisfying, organised way to take photos from above.

Often done with different foods or items of clothing, emergency response workers around the world are getting in on the knolling trend by artfully arranging the contents of emergency service vehicles. The photos have sparked a viral "Tetris challenge," named for the classic video game where spatial awareness is key.

Dutch police and armed forces vehicles laid out their equipment in photos reminiscent of a miniature toy set.

Dutch ambulances followed.

The New Zealand Police took a knolling photo per a Twitter user's request.

Singapore's Civil Defence Force said they "couldn't resist" joining the Tetris challenge in an Instagram post.

Geneva's Fire and Rescue Service in Switzerland laid out the contents of one of their fire trucks.

Hungary's police completed the Tetris challenge with their reflective jackets, traffic cones, weapons, handcuffs, and other tools.

TCPB Police in Taiwan carry similar gear.

The photos, such as this series from a fire department in Mexico, are a reminder of just how much blood, sweat, and equipment goes into saving lives.

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