Releasing later today for the Nintendo Switch, "Tetris 99" is a survival puzzle game that pits up to 99 players against one another.

  • "Tetris 99" is a new version of the timeless puzzle game, pitting up to 99 players against each other - but only one can win.
  • Yep, it's basically "Fortnite," but with Tetris blocks.
  • The game still has the same gameplay as classic Tetris at its core, but as players successfully clear lines in their own game, they'll drop wave of blocks onto the screens of other competitors.
  • "Tetris 99" is out right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you have a $20/year Nintendo Switch Online subscription, the game is free - but if you don't have one, you appear to be out of luck.

Nintendo just announced "Tetris 99," a survival puzzle game released on Wedensday evening, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can download it on your Switch, or from the web via the Nintendo eShop.

"Tetris 99" pits 99 players together in a single game until just one is left, an interesting take on the survival battle royale genre popularised by "Fortnite" and other shooting games.

At its core, "Tetris 99" appears to have the same gameplay style as the classic puzzle game, but as players clear lines from their screen, they're drop extra blocks on the other players in the game, increasing the difficulty. As in traditional "Tetris," the game will also speed up over time, similar to the way the playing field closes in "Fortnite."

"Tetris 99" is available right now on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Better yet, the game is free if you have a $20/year Nintendo Switch Online subscription. However, if you don't have that subscription, you appear to be out of luck.

Notably, the game doesn't appear to have any offline modes, so plan to have internet access if you give it a go.

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