• Tesla's Smart Summon feature was captured making some pretty egregious errors when it was released this week.
  • Videos spread rapidly online showing cars running stop signs, nearly causing accidents, and even hitting a garage.
  • Comedian Trevor Noah asked on "The Late Show" Wednesday night what would happen if an owner accidentally summoned their car while they were inside.
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Videos of Tesla's new Smart Summon feature were the butt of plenty of jokes online this week, and even made it onto Comedy Central.

The new feature for Tesla cars allows drivers to remotely summon their parked vehicles.

On "The Daily Show" Wednesday night, the new semi-autonomous function made Trevor Noah's headlines segment, where the comedian piled onto to all the snark.

"I thought Uber drivers were bad at picking me up," he said, "but now you've got to call up your own car like 'hey, it's me, i'm at the corner. No, south of the people you just mowed down on the sidewalk. Go straight! No, that's a daycare center, keep going.'"

On Twitter and YouTube, clips of Teslas struggling to find their owners in complicated parking lots and driveways spread like wildfire. In one case, a blown stop sign led to a near miss, while another car suffered a hefty dent after scraping the side of a garage.

"Here's the thing, cars are not smart enough to give them this feature," Noah continued. "And people are definitely not smart enough to have this feature. Think about it, people already drive drunk. Now, what if you're drunk inside a casino and accidentally summon your car? That's just not going to end well."

To be fair, CEO Elon Musk tweeted Wednesday that the first update to the software should arrive this weekend. He added that Smart Summon was used more than 550,000 in the first few days.

Watch the full clip here »

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