Stefanos Tsitsipas spent eight minutes in the bathroom during a match.
  • Tennis players may soon be banned from lengthy toilet breaks.
  • Andy Murray was annoyed with Stefanos Tsitsipas when he disappeared during a match.
  • There is currently no time limit on bathroom breaks.
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Tennis stars may soon have time limits applied to their toilet breaks after a player took an eight-minute break during a crucial moment at the US Open.

Former Wimbledon champion Andy Murray grew frustrated when Stefanos Tsitsipas disappeared for a lengthy period of time during their match.

The Brit labelled the Greek's behaviour as gamesmanship but Tsitsipas said he had broken no rules as there was no time limit on toilet breaks.

Andy Murray complained about the length of Tsitsipas' toilet breaks.

That could soon change though with Reuters reporting that the ATP is planning to alter the rules.

"There will be a change to the rules for bathroom breaks and on-court medical timeouts as well.

"I hope that before the next season begins in January, we will have a stricter rule when it comes to toilet breaks and medical timeouts," a source said.

Tsitsipas has a history for such acts having done so during the Cincinnati semifinal against Alexander Zverev last month. Zverev said Tsitsipas' actions were "unacceptable.

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