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Watch: the top inventions from NASA we use every day - from cell phone cameras to water filters

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 Aug 07, 2018, 09:01 PM

Technology developed by NASA, the United State’s state-sponsored civilian space program, is today used in everything from what we sleep on to what we eat. 

Since its inception in 1958, technologies originally developed for space missions have been adapted for commercial products and services on Earth.

To prove this point, every year since the mid-1970s, NASA has published a list of space technologies that have been integrated into everyday items. The tangible benefits span from life-saving medical devices to protective eyewear. 

The modern cell phone camera can also be attributed to Nasa, which developed the technology to decrease the price of spacecraft construction.

To date, NASA says it has documented nearly 1,800 "spinoff" technologies

Here are the top ten technologies developed by NASA which we use every day:  

1. Cellphone cameras 

2. Safer highways 

3. Memory foam

4. Water filters

5. Scratch-resistant lenses 

6. Comfortable running shoes 

7. MRI and CAT scans 

8. Modern golf clubs 

9. Baby formula 

10. The computer mouse  

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