(Twitter, @TelkomZA)
  • Telkom Mobile is giving away free data to a selected group of users through Twitter after its services were disrupted for most of Friday.
  • MTN also gave away 1GB data when it experienced similar difficulties a week ago.
  • Telkom could not say when its services would be restored, but made an apology playlist on Appel Music to say sorry. 

Telkom Mobile is giving away free data, and made an Apple Music playlist, to apologise for outages across the country. 

Before tweeting the prepaid numbers to 1GB data bundles on Friday afternoon, Telkom’s official twitter (TelkomZA) handle asked if it “can we beg forgiveness with some Telkom Prepaid data?” 

Telkom said hardware failure was to blame for the outages which affected the company’s website, call centres and cellular services.

The company  followed the playbook of MTN which also gave away free data after its network experienced similar connection difficulties a week ago.

Telkom also said it was unclear when its service would be restored, but made an "apology playlist" on Apple Music to say sorry. “We can't say sorry enough about today”. 

Among the songs on the 'Apology Mixtape' are 'Sorry, Blame It On Me' by Akon, 'If I Could Turn Back Time' by Cher and 'Heartbreaker' by will.i.am. 

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Users were, however, not happy with Telkom’s response. 

“So you rewarding a few people for effecting everyone? That doesn't make sense,” @ColanCox tweeted.

Telkom did not respond to a request for comment from Business Insider South Africa.