• Taliban fighters threatened a CNN crew with AK-47s in Afghanistan.
  • CNN's Clarissa Ward reported from Kabul, where she said fighters followed them and raised guns.
  • She said they were given space when she told fighters they had permission to report.
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A CNN crew was threatened by Taliban fighters with AK-47s in Kabul after the group took over Afghanistan.

CNN footage shows Clarissa Ward, the outlet's chief international correspondent, walking down a street in Kabul with her crew, trailed by Taliban members.

She tells the camera that "these Taliban fighters are a little upset with us, so let's keep going," and notes that the crew decided to leave the area and go to their car.

In a voiceover, she points out how one fighter can be seen taking the safety off of his AK-47 as he pushes through the crowd.

Watch the footage here:

Ward tells the camera: "You can see that some of these Taliban fighters, they're just hopped up on adrenaline, or I don't know what. It's a very dicey situation."

"Suddenly, two other Taliban charge towards us," Ward says in voiceover narration.

The camera footage is jerky and pointed at the ground as the crew react.

"You can see their rifle butt, raised to strike producer Brent Swails," Ward said.

"When the fighters are told we have permission to report, they lower their weapons and let us pass."

This was just the second time Ward described her team being threatened by Taliban fighters.

In another report on Wednesday, Ward said that two armed Taliban fighters came up to her producer, Swails, while he was taking video on his iPhone, ready "to pistol-whip him."

"We had to intervene and scream and it was actually another Taliban fighter who came in and said, 'No, no, no, don't do that, they're journalists,'" Ward said.

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