TAKE A LOOK | These surfboards turned into art collected R200,000 for ocean charities

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Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival 2022 (Supplied)
  • Seven of eight surfboards, turned into art, were auctioned off during a surf and ocean festival, collecting R301,000. 
  • The auction was hosted by comedian Nik Rabinowitz, all raised funds will be donated to ocean charities. 
  • The artboard could be created into anything the artist desired - an artboard by Brett Murray, 'F*ck Shell' speaks to Shell's failed seismic blasting. 
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From surfboards to artboards, surfboards turned into art hammered in a total of R301,000 during the Wavescape Surf & Ocean Festival 2022.

The Wavescape Artboard Project, held annually since 2005, invites local artists to creatively transform the surfboards into works of art. The final art pieces are then displayed and then auctioned off. 

All proceeds are donated to ocean charities. After expenses, this year's festival was left with R200,000 which will be donated to core beneficiaries the NSRI, The Shark Spotters, 9MilesProject, and The Beach Co-op.  

This year's event was held at the Jack Black Taproom, Cape Town, and hosted by comedian Nik Rabinowitz.  

Before the pandemic the event usually auctioned off 10 lots, but only accepted eight this year and auctioned off seven. "With Covid we were not sure how the buyers and the artists were feeling and decided to do a smaller auction," said surfer and festival director, Shani Judes.

The highest bid made at this year’s auction closed in on R115,000 - R15,000 shy of the highest sold artboard by Kirsten Sims in the history of the event.    

The festival as per the director has a theme each year, however, she allows artists to roam free and express what they want.

"We often find that artists will do something along the line of conservation or what is currently topical in the ocean space," Judes added.

Here is what was on offer:

1. Norman O’Flynn – R36,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Norman O'flynn. (Supplied)

Title:  "Looks like a great day... To unf*ck the world"

The piece shows a 'captivating' woman on the board covered in tattoos - his aim was to create a piece that looked playful at first; yet serious as you take a closer look.  

2. Skumbuzo Vabaza – R24,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Skumbuzo Vabaza (Supplied)

Title: "Sacred Ritual"

His artboard is a a representation of the origins of surfing and his own ode to the original wave riders. 

All of Vabaza's artworks begin with research. That research comes in many forms such as music, documentaries, books, articles, conversations, observation, and more. "The deeper I got into my research the more I realised that surfing was beyond a sport or a pastime," he said.

3. Richard Joshua- R 115,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Richard Joshua (Supplied)

"Richard Joshua's is about the disintegrating nature," says Judes. Joshua is an abstract realism painter. His work is said to be informed and inspired by colour, patterns and elements of culture. His work has a strong link to history and through his style, he is able to connect the past and the present. 

4. Christiaan Conradie – R52,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Christiaan Conradie (Supplied)

Conradie works in oils, though most of his work is mixed-media. The artist depicts a realistic elderly man, his recent artworks have seen the artist used disproportionate elderly people as his subjects in the foreground with the background painted in a shade of pink. 

5. Alicia Mcfadzean – R18,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Alicia Mcfadzean (Supplied)

“This artwork is a homage to the beauty of the ocean. The colours and shapes in the composition are loosely inspired by adventures to the Great Barrier Reef, which I was lucky enough to visit a couple of times growing up in Australia," says McFadzean. 

She describes her time years ago in school learning about crises that plagued the ocean such as rises in temperatures, coral bleaching, and habitat destruction. Since moving to South Africa she has continued to swim, and surf, and paddle-board, often surrounded by both plastic and dolphins.

McFadzean this time opted to depict the beauty rather than the destruction on her artboard.

6. Bruno Morphet- R10,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Bruno Morphet (Supplied)

"The board is a salute to the ocean activism that has met multiple ongoing assaults on our coastal ecosystems from oil companies to our own municipality and a reminder to us that we have to be continually vigilant," read Morphet's artboard biography. 

7. Brett Murray- R46,000

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Brett Murray (Supplied)

Murray's artboard speaks to @shell’s planned seismic surveys off the Wild coast. Murray's artboard comments on the social and political discourse of exploring fossil fuels. 

8. Danielle Clough - not sold 

artboards, surfboards,auction,ocean,festival
Danielle Clough (Supplied)

Clough's board could not be auctioned due to damage to the board. The artboard was, however, a colourful work of art. Embroidery was the artist's chosen medium. She created a Cape Sugarbird on a king protea. Her aim was to link her art to home, as well as the beauty of spaces that people love.  

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