TAKE A LOOK | Bakers packaging has had a mini makeover – but you’ll need to look closely

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Bakers new packaging.
Bakers new packaging.
  • Bakers has new packaging for some of South African's favourite crackers and biscuits that take on a fresher and modern look.
  • The changes aren't too big, so you'll still be able to identify your favourite products.
  • Spearheaded by The Graphic Ballroom agency, the team updated the old designs, implementing texture to some brands and 'tweaked' the colour across other brands.
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Bakers biscuits and crackers packaging has a new look, but you'll have to look closely as the change is a subtle one involving changes in colour hues, and texture on some boxes.

There aren't any major changes to the products, purposefully so they don't "alienate" loyal customers but attract new ones, says Jason Forbes, owner, and founder of the agency responsible for the makeover.

The Graphic Ballroom (GBR), an ad agency based in Cape Town, was tasked with giving all thirty-three Bakers biscuits brands a modern and contemporary design.

Founded in 1851, the Bakers brand has cemented itself as a festive favourite with their Choice Assorted biscuits or Kip crackers ideal for cheese boards. The GBR team had to ensure that the latest look still kept a sense of familiarity for South African consumers to connect to.

So, what changed?

Across all brands like Wheatsworth and Romany Creams, colours have had a minor facelift, using bolder colours of existing hues.

The iconic Bakers logo no longer stands alone, they have now placed it on a red ribbon forming a signature look across the new packaging.

Bakers, new packaging
Bakers Wheatsworth.

There is a bold difference in colour for the Salticrax and Kips range of crackers. The old packaging was divided in blocks with the generic green across all the crackers accompanied with an assorted colour that would separate the flavours and the product name and flavour.

Now, the colour wraps around the entire box which could make it easier to identify on the shelves.

bakers, new look, packaging
Bakers Salticrax.

The boxes may feel different too. According to the agency, they have embossed onto the packaging to create different textures on the box. By doing this they have tried to bring to life, "the end user experience and to showcase Bakers' use of real ingredients in their products," said Forbes.

The new Kip Crackers have a cleaner and minimal look...

bakers, new packaging, branding
New Bakers Kip Crackers.

... in comparison to the old one which looks a lot busier.

bakers, new packaging, branding
Old Bakers Kip Crackers.

The Good Morning Rusks and Provita packaging is brighter and decorated with illustrations of their ingredients...

bakers, biscuits,rusks, provita
New packaging for Bakers Breakfast Rusks & Provita crackers.

... as compared to the previous design that had just a rusk or two and the Provita crackers topped with garnish placed in the foreground of the packages.

Provita, Rusks, Bakers
Old packaging Bakers Provita and Good Morning Rusks.

Business Insider's overall view 

We found it hard to notice the particular changes at first but with closer inspection the changes were noticeable. So, you shouldn't have any hassle buying your Bakers biscuit brands if you're familiar with their traditional packaging. 

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