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There's a phone case that will turn your smartphone into a 'Stranger Things' walkie talkie

Kathryn Chou , Business Insider US
 Jul 03, 2019, 12:37 PM
  • "Stranger Things 3" will hit the small screen on July 4 and T-Mobile has teamed up with Netflix to offer the coolest smartphone case.
  • The T-ALKIE phone case will transform your smartphone into a walkie talkie replica just like on the show.
  • Details how to win the T-ALKIE phone case will be released on T-Mobile's social.
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As the season premiere of Stranger Things 3 approaches, Netflix is teaming up with more brands to create "Stranger-fied" merch for its fans. The online streaming service will be bringing us back to 1985 with T-Mobile with an exclusive, limited edition T-ALKIE phone case - an item that will transform your smartphone into a walkie talkie replica, just as seen on the show. This collaboration falls right in place for T-Mobile customers as they can already enjoy Netflix at no additional cost.

T Mobile

For information on how to win the Netflix x T-Mobile T-ALKIE phone case, make sure to follow T-Mobile on Instagram and Twitter where details will be revealed on July 4, the day the third season premieres.

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