Olten in Switzerland.
  • Chocolate powder fell from the sky like snow in a Swiss town last week following a ventilation defect at a Lindt and Sprüngli factory.
  • Strong winds in Olten picked up the cocoa powder, leaving a dusting of chocolate over the area surrounding the factory, according to Associated Press.
  • Lindt and Sprüngli said the chocolate is harmless to both people and the environment.
  • Many people loved the news: "Chocolate snowflakes falling from the sky, dreams do come true!" one person tweeted.
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The chocoholic dream came true for residents of a small Swiss town on August 15 when "chocolate snow" seemed to fall from the sky.

Small chocolate shavings rained down on Olten, between Zurich and Basel, after a malfunction at a Lindt and Sprüngli factory.

The chocolate manufacturer confirmed that it had a minor defect in the cooling ventilation for a line for roasted cocoa nibs (crushed cocoa beans which are then made into chocolate), according to Associated Press.

Strong gusts of wind then picked up the chocolate powder, leaving a dusting of cocoa over the area surrounding the factory.

A picture shared on Twitter shows a fine layer of chocolate coating surfaces.

Needless to say, many people loved the idea.

"It finally happened guys!! 2020 screwed up just enough that it finally did something right," tweeted Rori Picker Neiss.

"Chocolate snowflakes falling from the sky, dreams do come true!" said Fya Fox.

"I'm moving to Olten!!!" added Sheila Scott.

Lindt and Sprüngli told Associated Press that the chocolate was harmless to people and the environment, and it has offered to pay for any cleanup costs — although no one has yet taken up the offer.

The ventilation system has now been repaired and chocolate production has continued as normal, Lindt and Sprüngli added.

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