SA liquor outlets should want the Springboks to lose. Here’s why.

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(Twitter, @springboks)
(Twitter, @springboks)
  • Bars and shebeens will sell more booze if the Springboks lose on Saturday than if they win.
  • But just how much people drink is heavily depended their level of emotional investment in the Rugby World Cup final in Japan.
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South African liquor outlets will likely sell more booze if the Springboks lose against England on Saturday in the Rugby World Cup final in Japan.

If the Springboks win on Saturday, it will be the third time in a democratic dispensation that the national rugby team wins the Rugby World Cup. 

Dr Jarred Martin, a clinical psychologist who lectures for the University of Pretoria’s psychology department, said there is an extensive body of work which shows that alcohol consumption increase on days of a significant sporting event.

However, if an individual’s preferred team loses, those sports fans are likely to consume more alcohol, Martin said. 

“[It is] often as a result of anger, frustration or disappointment in the result of the match,” Martin told Business Insider South Africa.  

He said this is heavily dependent on a fan’s level of emotional investment in the outcome of the sports event. 

There is currently no definitive data available on gender-related game-day drinking behaviour.   

“Research indicates that post-match alcohol consumption amongst sports fans, as a result of a loss, occurs most frequently in the immediate aftermath of the match or loss,” Martin said. 

He said alcohol acts as an emotional disinhibitor, which means people drinking will be less able to take control of their emotions. 

“To this effect, it would be expected that a disappointed Bok fan, should the Boks lose, may in fact become more disappointed and frustrated as a result of their alcohol consumption.”

The Rugby World Cup finals match in Japan will start at 11:00 South African time and president Cyril Ramaphosa has promised that he’ll attend the match in person.