Shekhinah, Jeremy Loops, Sun El-Musician, AKA, DJ Maphorisa and Nasty C are in the top 10 most-streamed SA artists. (Spotify)
  • Spotify is one of the biggest music streaming services on the planet.
  • The app unveiled 2018's year in review feature, called spotify Wrapped for the first time in South Africa.
  • The portal allows users to see all kinds of stats regarding their listening habits, including their top five songs, artists, and genres.
  • US users are questioning the validity of their stats or reporting inconsistencies – but in SA we found no such problems.

Every December since 2013, Spotify has released some version of a personalised year in review in the US, in which users can look back at their most-played songs, artists, albums, genres, etc. It's become so popular that people have been tweeting about its release in anticipation for weeks. 

This year it is in South Africa for the first time, allowing local streamers to rediscover and share the music and podcasts that formed their personal soundtrack in 2018. 

However, some users in the US are less than satisfied with their Spotify 2018 Wrapped content, or, at least, were confused by some discrepancies.

One of the pages shows a user's top five songs, artists, and genres. Here's Gabbi's.

Yes, I liked "The Greatest Showman."

As you can see, according to this, Gabbi's No. 1 song was "A Million Dreams," and one of her top artists was One Direction - don't judge her, please - so, ostensibly, that one song and at least a few One Direction songs should appear in her top 100 songs.

But they don't.

Neither Gabbi's top song nor one of her top artists appear on this playlist at all.

Neither is in my Top 100.
Spotify screenshots

Meanwhile back in South Africa, Timothy's top five songs, artists, and genres are as follows.

Shekhinah's highly-acclaimed debut album "Rose Gold" scooped Album of the Year award at the South African Music Awards, 2018 - and is Timothy's top album on Spotify.

Timothy's No. 1 song was Shekhinah's "Different," featuring Jamali's Mariechen, which is not at all disputed and his top artist was Bonobo - also correct.

Now let's see if all this reflects in his top 100 songs as logic would dictate.

Timothy's top song and top artists, Shekhinah, Bonobo and Sun El-Musician appear on the top 100 songs playlist - and several times.

Gabbi's not the only one who's confused. Twitter users had a lot of opinions.

Spotify's support account on Twitter, @SpotifyCares, has been fielding question and providing some answers.

For instance, they clarified that the songs they pulled had to be released from January 1 through October 31, eliminating any music from November from appearing on the playlist.

However, this doesn't answer the question of why a top song wouldn't appear in the top 100 playlist, with the support account only writing "This can happen for a number of reasons."

So, for now, people are left listening to top 100 playlists that might not include their favourite songs, or include songs and artists that they don't enjoy at all ...

Meanwhile South African streamers like Timothy are content with the accurate wrap up of 2018

All Timothy's favourite and most-listened to songs during 2018 feature in his top 100 and he's yet to skip a single song because he doesn't enjoy it - making the roundup correct.

Representatives for Spotify didn't immediately respond to INSIDER's request for comment.

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