• South Africans got their very own instructions on how to use a toilet in Japan – in Afrikaans.
  • The "spoel die toilet" sign was apparently posted in Kumagaya a few days ahead of the Springboks' match there.
  • The translation is spot-on, unlike the temporary English version of the sign.
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Afrikaans-speakers got their very own set of instructions on using a toilet in a Japanese city ahead of the Springboks' final warm-up match before the Rugby World Cup officially starts.

The translated instructions were posted to Reddit this week.

But the sign seems to have been originally spotted by Tomomi Yokomura Kato‎, who posted it to the "Engrish in Japan" Facebook group earlier in the week.

The sign apparently went up in the bathroom inside the station at Kumagaya a few days ahead of the rugby match between Japan and South Africa

The poster translated part of the sign as "September 6 Japan vs. South Africa match", believing that to be an indication of when the Afrikaans section would be required.

Compiled by Phillip de Wet.

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