• The Museo Atlantico is Europe's first underwater art museum.
  • It features over 300 life-size works that have been installed 14 metres deep.
  • The sculptures by internationally acclaimed artist, Jason deCaires Taylor are designed to encourage environment awareness and social change.

Artist Jason deCaires Taylor is making art with a message.

Artist, Jason deCaires Taylor hard at work on a sculpture. (INSH)

In 2006, he created the world's first underwater sculpture park in Grenada. 

The world's first underwater sculpture park in Grenada. (INSH)

In 2016, he sank his 54,430 kilogramme "Ocean Atlas" sculpture in Mexico. 

The sunk "Ocean Atlas" sculpture in Mexico, which weighs over 50,000 kilograms. (INSH)

His latest project is Museo Atlantico, Europe's first underwater contemporary art museum. 

The site of the Museo Atlantico underwater contemporary art museum. (INSH)

The museum, off the coast of Lanzarotte, Spain, was constructed over a period of two years.

Construction of the Museo Atlantico. (INSH)

It features a series of 12 installations, submerged at a depth of 14 metres. 

One of the underwater installations at the Museo Atlantico. (INSH)

Some 300 sculptures are based on local residents of the Lanzarote region. 

Sculptures based on local residents of the Lanzarote region where the Museo Atlantico is situated. (INSH)

The specially formulated pH neutral concrete promotes marine life and coral growth. 

Specially formulated pH neutral concrete being applied to one of the sculptures. (INSH)

Visitors can see stringrays, octopuses, and barracuda swimming amongst the statues. 

Some of the marine life that could be seen by visitors. (INSH)

The sculptures offer a chance to view coral without harming the ocean's natural coral reefs. The collection is also designed to encourage environmental awareness and social change.

One installation getting a lot of attention is titled "Crossing the Rubicon".

The 'Crossing the Rubicon' installation featuring 35 life-size sculptures. (INSH)

It features 35 figures walking towards a small entrance way in a four metre high wall.

'Crossing the Rubicon' features 35 figures walking towards a small entrance way in a 4 metre high wall. (INSH)

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