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  • South Africa’s most congested city in 2018 was Johannesburg, where commuters lost 119 hours to traffic pile-ups.
  • Yet Capetonians spent the longest time stuck in traffic, even though Cape Town's rush hour isn't as bad as Joburg's.
  • Moscow was named the world’s most congested city, followed by Istanbul.

Johannesburg was South Africa most congested city in 2018 where commuters sat in traffic roughly 119 hours a year – or nearly five days – a new report says.

The INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard, released on Tuesday, found that hours lost to traffic in Johannesburg increased by 3% from 2017, making it the 61st most congested city in the world.

Congestion is defined as the demand for road space exceeding supply.

While Capetonians lost more hours to traffic than Johannesburg at 162 hours - the most in South Africa - the report noted that rush-hour congestion in Johannesburg was often worse than in Cape Town.

Cape Town was ranked South Africa's fifth most congested city. Congestion decreased by 4% in the city from 2017. 

(screenshot, INRIX)
(screenshot, INRIX)

Pretoria was the country’s second most congested city; commuters there lost 143 hours annually to traffic, an increase of 9% from 2017.

Port Elizabeth came in at 71 hours lost each year and Durban at 72 hours.

The least congested city measured in South Africa was Bloemfontein, where residents lost only 62 hours – or around 2.5 days – to congestion over the year on average.

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The report was compiled by collecting billions of data points from diverse sources including connected vehicles, cities, road weather conditions, incidents reported in the media, and social media.

INRIX changed its congestion methodology from 2017 when the scorecard was calculated to hours lost to congestion. It now analyses not only time lost but also the severity of congestion.

Moscow was named the most congested city in the world for the second year in a row with 210 hours lost annually to congestion per person.

Istanbul came in second with 157 hours lost, and Bogota third with 272 hours lost - the most hours lost per commuter around the world.

London was the worlds sixth most congested city, Boston eight and Rome tenth.