The roses Gershawn Coetzee spotted in Checkers Pro
The roses Gershawn Coetzee spotted in Checkers Protea Heights in Cape Town on Thursday morning (Facebook, Gershawn Coetzee)
  • You can now buy 50 roses for R699,99 at a Checkers in Cape Town to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Netflorist sold 100 roses (in a vase) for almost R4,500.
  • Social media didn't respond well.

To mark Valentine’s Day, Checkers is selling a bouquet of 50 roses for R699,99.

Media personality Gershawn Coetzee posted a picture of the bouquets on display at Checkers Protea Heights on Facebook with the caption: “R700 for 50 roses?”

Social media users thought it was too expensive, calling it a “money-making scam”.

“[Instead] get a box of 5 roses tea,” one said. Another remarked: “(It has) Bosasa written all over it."

Checkers Protea Heights branch manager Wessel du Plessis said four of the five bouquets were left by Thursday afternoon.

“We have received very good response from them since we displayed them yesterday,” Du Plessis told Business Insider South Africa.

“One guy bought a bouquet alongside three other smaller bouquets.”

Du Plessis said no one remarked that the roses might be overpriced.

Coetzee, who spotted the roses on Thursday morning, said the price was “just business”.

“That’s about R14 a rose and this is just the cost of love,” Coetzee told Business Insider South Africa.

He said after 17 years of marriage he would easily spend the same.

“It is the thing we do for love. Love doesn’t have a price tag,” Coetzee said.

Roses have been going for a premium on Valentine's Day, with Netflorist selling 100 roses in a glass vase for an eye-watering R4,499.95.

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