• South African cuisine at themed restaurants around the world comes at a high price.
  • South African-themed restaurants in big cities are charging up to R400 for a bunny chow, and R118 for mielies.
  • Local wine, and beer if you can find it, is also expensive - with glasses of mediocre wine going for the equivalent of hundreds of rands.
  • Here's how much you'll pay for a meal at a South African-themed restaurant in London, New York, Houston, Perth, Munich, and Seoul.
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People living in South Africa may take its local delicacies for granted. Still, South African-themed restaurants around the world are charging not insignificant amounts for items like a traditional gatsby, bobotie, or malva pudding.

Although prices of these items in restaurants abroad are relative to local economies, some establishments are selling items at prices that may make South Africans grateful for staying put. 

A New York restaurant, for example, is selling mielies for more than R100, and one in Seoul a boerewors roll for R150. A 200g platter of wors in London can cost almost three times that amount. If you're hankering for a potjiekos in Portugal, you'll need to shell out more than R300, and a bunny chow in Munich is currently going for R400.

Unsurprisingly, it's items like bobotie and malva pudding that make the most regular appearances on the restaurants checked by Business Insider South Africa, and they fetch high prices in foreign markets.

Alcohol from, or inspired by, South Africa is also pricey. The alcoholic Springbok (or Springbokkie) shot is a popular item in several South African-themed restaurants and can cost R160 each. A bottle of Castle Lager can easily cost more than R100 - if you can find it. And a decent glass of South African red wine can set you back more than R300 - a bottle of Meerlust Rubicon is typically more than R1,000.

If you're a homesick South African looking for a comforting meal, or you want a good reason to stick around in the country for a while longer, the prices at these top-rated South African-themed restaurants around the world may do the trick.

Business Insider South Africa picked food items to feature based on their consistency across menus, where possible. Wines featured included one budget house wine and one high-end wine in both red and white categories.

Kaia Wine Bar, New York

Kaia Wine Bar in New York's Upper East Side is comfortably Yelp's top-rated South African restaurant in the city. It also has hundreds of Google reviews and an average rating of 4.5 stars. It is South African-run and promises food and drink that emphasises South Africa - with an extensive wine list and local delicacies.


Mielies: R118 each

Bobotie: R355

Gatsby: R281


Malva pudding: R133


Springbokkie shots: R148 (each)

Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc: R237 (glass) / R947 (bottle)

Boschkloof Chardonnay: R266 (glass) / R1,065 (bottle)

The Valley Pinot Noir: R325 (glass) / R1,302 (bottle)

Kloovenberg Granache R370 (glass) / R1,479 (bottle)

Peli Peli South African Kitchen, Houston

Peli Peli in Houston, as its name suggests, is about as confused as a touristy South African restaurant can get. It has a "shebeen menu" serving "South African pub food", three main dishes, and a comprehensive braai menu. It sells Windhoek lager by the bottle and has an interesting wine list featuring several South African varietals. After more than 2,000 reviews on Open Table, it has maintained a 4.5-star average rating.


Saldanha Bay Mussels: R177

Cape Malay Samoosa: R177


South African Chicken Curry: R221

Half "Peli Peli" chicken: R226


Windhoek Lager: R104

MAN Family Chardonnay: R74 (glass) / R251 (bottle)

Thorne & Daughters Rocking Horse White: R887

The Wolftrap Red: R104 (glass) / R340 bottle

Meerlust Rubicon: R1,183 (bottle)

Braai Republic, Seoul

Braai Republic is a South African-run restaurant in Seoul that's been open since 2011. It specialises in braaied meat and has become popular with ex-pats in the surrounding community. With close to 1,000 Google reviews, it's maintained an average rating of 4.5 stars.


Karoo Surf and Turf: R423

Lamb Potjie: R282

Boerewors Roll: R154


Malva Pudding: R64


Springbokkie: R64

Footprint Sauvignon Blanc: R384 (bottle)

Wolftrap White: R512 (bottle)

Bergsis Icarus Red: R1,217 (bottle)

Footprint Merlot-Pinotage: R384 (bottle)

Leopard Lodge Steakhouse, Perth

There's no shortage of South African restaurants in Australia catering to homesick ex-pats. Leopard Lodge north of Perth offers a comprehensive South African menu, complete with plenty of cliches and stereotypes - and it's got an average of 4.3 stars after 300 Google reviews.


Boerewors Taster: R152


Cape Malay Bobotie: R381

Durban Curry: R327

Zulu Ox Tail: R381


Voortrekker (Malva) Pudding: R131


Castle Lager: R93

Don Pedro: R152

Boschendal Chenin Blanc: R76 (glass) / R348 (bottle)

Bellingham - Johannesburger SA: R76 (glass) / R304 (bottle)

JC Le Roux - Muscat Aroma R327 (bottle)

The Dolphin Restaurante, Lagos (Portugal)

The Dolphin Restaurante in Lagos, Portugal, has a wide range of South African dishes - and it's a popular establishment in the coastal town. After 236 Google reviews, it's archived an average rating of 4.7 stars and several glowing recommendations.


Piri-Piri Chicken Livers: R133

Seared Ostrich Carpaccio: R183


Beef Sosaties: R330

Bobotie: R266

Potjiekos: R304


Koeksisters: R119

Banoffi Pie: R93


Don Pedro: R108

Restaurant Savanna, Munich

Restaurant Savanna Munich has earned an impressive rating of 4.5 and 4.6 stars on Tripadvisor and Google reviews, respectively. Its menu features a wide range of traditional South African meals, right down to bunny chow, and a biltong and droewors plate. It also has a comprehensive wine list from across the Cape.


Biltong and Droewors Plate: R166

Small Boerewors & Chakalaka: R140


Bunny Chow: R402

Bobotie: R323

Ostrich Burger: R306


Splattered Toad Sauvignon Blanc: R515 (bottle)

Haute Cabriére Chardonnay: R576 (bottle)

Leopard's Leap Shiraz: R515 (bottle)

The Chocolate Block Boekenhoutskloof: R1,485 (bottle)

High Timber, London

There's no shortage of South African restaurants in London, but High Timber is among the most popular that sticks as close to the theme as possible. It has an average online rating of 4.5 stars. Although the menu is small and avoids many of the more cliched South African menu items, it does include biltong, a South African-themed burger, and plenty of local wine.


Biltong: R205/100g

Rooibos Tea Smoked Salmon: R256

Biltong Croquettes: R174


Jo'Burger: R308


Chameleon Red: R128 (glass)

Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon: R183 (glass)

Jordan Cobblers Hill: R333 (glass)

Holden Manz Cabernet Franc: R3,386 (bottle)

Shaka Zulu, London

Shaka Zulu is London's largest South African-themed restaurant. Although its average rating is just below four out of five stars, it's still a popular hangout - more than 2,000 people have left reviews for it on Google.


Peri Peri Chicken Wings: R195

Lamb Samosas: R205


Boerewors (200g): R513

Beef Bobotie: R431


Milk Tart: R143

Rooibos Malva Pudding: R174


Don Pedro: R226

Mischief Maker Chenin: R146 (glass) / R575 (bottle)

Glen Carlou Chardonnay: R1129 (bottle)

Mischief Maker Shiraz: R146 (glass) / R575 (bottle)

Meerlust Rubicon: R1,272 (bottle)

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