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This SA man believes he is the next Tarzan - and he's been watched over 20 million times on YouTube

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 Dec 31, 2019, 04:36 PM

De Wet du Toit on an elephant (Facebook, TWIN OAK
De Wet du Toit on an elephant (Facebook, TWIN OAK FILMS)
  • De Wet du Toit from George in the Western Cape is hoping Hollywood will cast him as the next Tarzan. 
  • He has spent the last eight years starring in short films on YouTube to showcase his ability has Tarzan. 
  • His videos have been watched over 20 million times, and he has amassed over 62,000 subscribers on YouTube. 
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With over 20 million views on YouTube and 62,000 subscribers, De Wet du Toit from George, in the Western Cape, hopes to be the next Tarzan in Hollywood-produced movies. 

The 32-year-old has spent the last eight years producing trailers and short films with his brother Rudolf to showcase his ability as Tarzan. 

In an interview with Afrikaans magazine Huisgenoot, De Wet said his dream to be Tarzan was born when his dad gave him and his brother a couple of Tarzan books when he was six.

“[I like] his love and respect for nature, that he would only kill out of hunger or defence, [and] his honesty and self-discipline,” De Wet told the lifestyle magazine. 

“And that the story was written in 1912 already when there wasn’t stuff like anti-poaching units, [Tarzan] was one of the first men to really fight for animals - the original eco-warrior”. 

De Wet du Toit and his brother Rudolf (Facebook, T
De Wet du Toit and his brother Rudolf (Facebook, TWIN OAK FILMS)

From there an obsession was born with the character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs, and De Wet - who worked as a fitness instructor - started training five days a week to gain Tarzan’s muscular strength, the Daily Mail reported.

“People might say I’m crazy, but I know this is what I was born to do,” De Wet told the Daily Mail. 

He also frequently trains in the mountains and bush to keep his senses sharp. “I smell people’s spray long before they walk past.” 

Du Toit and his brother Rudolf spent the last few years working in Cape Town’s film industry to gain experience and build a network, and has worked on the film sets of several international productions such as Black Sails, Troy: Fall of a City and The Widow. 

In 2015, Du Toit starred in an episode of the Netflix-series The Eccentrics. A description of the series reads: “This series profiles a selection of unique and fascinating individuals from around the world, exploring what exactly makes them who they are.”

In his ‘TARZAN: King of the Jungle 2012’ short film, which has been watched over 8.7 million times on YouTube, people praised Du Toit for his Tarzan portrayal.

In the film, he is seen riding elephants, and trying to fight a snake.  

“Not bad, the snake fight worried me a bit. You must be a skilled animal handler. Great physique, loved the close-ups,” one user said. Another commented: "Loved the elephants begging for treats." 

(Compiled by James de Villiers)

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