Asiashu Tshitamba (left) and Billy Oosthuizen.

  • South African cagefighter Asiashu Tshitamba produced a brilliant knockout at EFC 81 against Billy Oosthuizen to earn his fourth straight win in the competition.
  • The 26-year-old caused a stir with his celebration, however, when he simulated shooting his already downed opponent in the head.
  • EFC's Vice President for Talent Graeme Cartmell told Business Insider that Tshitamba is free to celebrate how he wants, and that the gesture might not have been meant how it's been taken by EFC fans on Twitter.
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26-year-old South African cagefighter Asiashu Tshitamba produced a stunning knockout at EFC 81, but caused controversy with his celebration when he pretended to shoot his already knocked out opponent in the head.

Tshitamba faced Billy "The Kid" Oosthuizen in Pretoria on Saturday night, but made light work of his fellow South African, knocking him out just 10 seconds into the second round with a perfectly executed front kick to the chin.

The bantamweight duel ended in contentious fashion, however, as Tshitamba then stood over his already flattended opponent and simulated two gunshots to the head.

You can watch the knockout and celebration here:

Fans of the Extreme Fighting Championship on Twitter dubbed Tshitamba's celebration "a little too much" and "disrespectful".

However, Graeme Cartmell, the EFC's Vice President for Talent, told Business Insider it is down to the fighters how they choose to celebrate victory.

"I've got the be honest with you, we take a stance that these guys are presenting their own images," said Cartmell, "And whatever they do will ultimately encourage fans to garner them in high regard or see them in the way a few people have seen them on Twitter.

"50% of the room are gonna go 'that was awesome' and take it like a cowboy reference to Billy The Kid, and others will say it's not the way to do it."

Cartmell added: "I certainly wouldn't condone it from that perspective, but if that's how he celebrates, that what he's chosen to do."

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The knockout saw Tshitamba record his fourth victory on the bounce in the EFC to take his record in the competition to 4-1 (W/L).

After the fight, the 26-year-old called for a title shot against Interim Bantamweight Title holder Faeez Jacobs - who beat Nkazimulo Zulu on Saturday to claim the belt - but Cartmell said the knockout merchant must wait his turn.

"Right now, no, but it now puts in position for a contender fight," he said.

EFC 82 will take place on September 28 at the Big Top Arena in Carnival City, Johannesburg.

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