Bell Delphine
Bell Delphine on an episode of the Cold Ones podcast. (Via Wikimedia Commons)
  • London-based erotic model Bell Delphine's revenues now top £1 million – the equivalent of more than R20 million – per month, The Telegraph reports.
  • The SA-born star went into professional hibernation in 2019, after she made headlines for selling her bathwater.
  • But subscribers who pay for regular intimate photographs have pushed her income to new heights this year.
  • Delphine previously said she prefers South Africa as a site of happy memories, and may not risk visiting.
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After a momentous comeback, Bell Delphine is now counting revenues of £1 million (the equivalent of around R20 million) per month, The Telegraph reports, thanks to a legion of fans making regular monthly payments to see fan-only photos.

The 21-year-old erotic model, who moved from South Africa to the United Kingdom as an 11-year-old, shot to prominence in mid-2019 for a hugely successful stunt: selling her used bathwater. In the aftermath of that storm she took an online gap year, travelling and painting.

But she is back, telling The Telegraph's James Cook she is "on the internet my whole day", in between taking photos for fans, who pay for access. That has earned her and her photographer boyfriend a fortune estimated at R200 million, some of which they intend to spend buying a house in the near future.

While she has hinted at a willingness to do hardcore pornography in the near future, the online star says her photos – with a trademark pink wig and often featuring cat ears or other cosplay elements – fall into the category of erotica, not too dissimilar from the kind of modelling her mother did when she was younger. 

Delphine is now based in London, and has built her career entirely from that city, but was born in South Africa, in 1999, as Mary-Belle Kirschner. Despite a father who still lives in SA, she has little connection to the country; her father is "such a huge arsehole", she said in one interview, with a stern disapproval she considers rooted in South African culture.

"I think anyone who has an upbringing, or even South African parents, kinda know that there’s a sternness with South African people that is, I’ve never experienced it in the UK, but when I was growing up in South Africa and I’d go around my friends' houses, I’d realise that there was definitely different personality traits there, that’s so stern, and he was always very, you know, no jokes, so serious," she told the H3 Podcast.

She is apprehensive about visiting South Africa – to which she has not returned for a decade – because that may risk happy childhood memories of "fun stuff like the beach and having my own pool, which was amazing", she aid.

"I think it is maybe destroying this idea of what I created that was my childhood, because I cherish my childhood, it’s like a perfect little chapter of my life, and I don’t want to go back and see it, and be like, 'oh this isn’t how I remembered it', she said.

In the UK Delphine lives under the protection of CCTV cameras, after obsessive fans used visual clues to figure out where her family lives and started harassing her.

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