Fast food delivery South Africa
(Image: Delivery Ka Speed)
  • Fast food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Mr D don't operate in South Africa's townships and rural areas.
  • Identifying this gap, Delivery Ka Speed was founded as a simple way to get food delivered through the maze of unmapped township streets.  
  • The company was started by Hammanskraal local Godiragetse Mogajane and launched in late July.
  • Since then, it's processed and delivered nearly 2,500 orders via WhatsApp, using electric scooters to save fuel costs, and make a powerful brand statement.
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A fast food delivery company founded in Hammanskraal, to the north of Tshwane, is taking orders via WhatsApp and driving electric scooters to service communities forgotten by the likes of Uber Eats and Mr D.

Delivery Ka Speed, started by 24-year-old entrepreneur Godiragetse Mogajane after noticing a gap in the market for township deliveries, was officially launched at the end of July 2021.

Orders are placed via WhatsApp. Payments can be made via EFT, online card payment, card-on-delivery with Yoco machines, or cash. Drivers are dispatched to fast food joints – mainly McDonalds and KFC – on electric scooters leased by the company.

In less than three months, Delivery Ka Speed has completed close to 2,500 deliveries, expanding into other townships around Hammanskraal, with sights set on provincial moves.

"We do similar to what the big food deliveries guys do… but we do it in an environment where these guys are not," Mogajane tells Business Insider South Africa.

"And the reason they're not there is because of challenges with Google Maps and other map apps. It's really hard to pinpoint to a location and get a driver to give them directions to get there. It simply doesn't work in the township environment."

Fast food delivery South Africa
(Image: Delivery Ka Speed)

Delivery Ka Speed's answer to this problem has been to hire local drivers with intimate knowledge of their communities, landmarks, and the maze of unmapped streets which weave through the township. It's proving to be a success.

"We're in Hammanskraal [and] we're also in Soshanguve, which is closer to Mabopane and Ga-Rankuwa [and] that's where we're also looking to grow."

"Everywhere we go, people are saying 'finally' instead of 'what is this' it's not weird now that you get a delivery from a stranger," says Mogajane.

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The company currently employs eight drivers, who, according to Mogajane, can each earn around R1,500 a week working for Delivery Ka Speed.

Fast food delivery South Africa
Founder Godiragetse Mogajane (Image: Delivery Ka Speed)

Delivery Ka Speed makes its money by adding a constant markup of 15% on all deliveries, regardless of the size of the order, type of meal, or fast food restaurant. There's also a delivery fee, starting at R10 for areas closest to the fast food outlets, which gets paid directly to the drivers.

In addition to providing a service to the community in the form of fast food deliveries, Mogajane says that Delivery Ka Speed is also giving unemployed youth an opportunity to make a living.

But high petrol costs take a chunk out of the drivers' earnings. To limit these transport costs – and make a powerful brand statement in the process – Mogajane currently leases two electric scooters. The small vehicles, leased from local manufacturer Scooters SA, can be fully charged in just three hours, allowing drivers to travel around 90km.

"I didn't want this to be just another delivery company. For our brand to be known, we needed something that had never been seen, especially in this area," says Mogajane of the electric scooter's marketing power.

"Wherever it goes, people turn their heads. And then they see our branding [and WhatsApp order number] at the back. So, for marketing purposes, the scooter is doing wonders for us."

"[But also] the petrol costs are crazy. They're going up almost every month. Probably 40% or 50% of that [driver's weekly pay] goes to fuel. So, we're talking about [getting] ten [electric] vehicles."

Fast food delivery South Africa
(Image: Delivery Ka Speed)

And while Mogajane is keen on expanding Delivery Ka Speed to include other areas, more drivers, a fleet of electric scooters, and alcohol and grocery deliveries, he says the system – of placing an order and dispatching a delivery – needs to be kept as uncomplicated as possible.

"We want to be the number one provider in the townships for deliveries," says Mogajane, adding that his immediate focus was with developing and launching a dedicated Delivery Ka Speed platform to process orders. He's confident that this platform, which will allow the company to scale in new areas, like Limpopo, will launch before the end of the year.

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