These are the provinces with the best – and worst – job numbers over the past 10 years

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  • Business Insider South Africa compared unemployment levels in each province since 2009.
  • While nationally unemployment increased by 2.8%, the DA-governed Western Cape saw a 2.2% drop.
  • But it wasn’t the largest provincial decline in unemployment.
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Job creation is one of the biggest issues in the 2019 national elections, with every major political party promising to dent the country’s stubbornly high unemployment rate.

According to the latest quarterly labour survey, 27.1% of all South Africans are unemployed - up 2.8% from 2009.

The ANC promises to create 275,000 jobs a year, the DA vows to put a job in every home, and the EFF promises to deliver jobs and land if elected into government.

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Business Insider South Africa, therefore, compared the unemployment levels in the country’s nine provinces over the past ten years, using the fourth quarter results from the quarterly labour review survey from Statistics South Africa.

In the Western Cape - the only province not governed by the ANC - unemployment dropped by 2.2% since the DA took over the provincial government in 2009.

ANC-led Limpopo, however, showed the sharpest decline in unemployment from 26.9% in 2009 to 16.5% in 2018, followed by the Western Cape.

The Eastern Cape saw a 9.1% increase in unemployment since 2009, followed by the Free State with 7.6% and KwaZulu-Natal with 6.4%.

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