(Twitter, @1marisho)
(Twitter, @1marisho)

Many South Africans describe January as the longest month, and worry about making it all the way through, especially those who receive their last paycheque in mid-December – and who splurged on holidays and festivities.

Using the hashtag #JanuWorry on Twitter, they have been sharing their tips on surviving January, aside from conventional advice such as delaying payments.

Several South African retailers such as Burger King, KFC, McDonald's and Redd’s liquor also encouraged users to share their survival tips.

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Many South Africans will receive their paycheque today and now that it is finally over, Business Insider South Africa has chosen some of the funniest tips users shared how to survive Januworry.

These are the best – or at least the most unusual – ways South Africans made it through January 2019.

By using alternative protein sources.

With innovative new spreads for bread.

By air-drying tea bags for reuse.

By discovering new shopping destinations.

Hiding at the ATM – or praying for the ATM.

Embracing new culinary practices.

Getting more out.

By still celebrating, whatever it takes.