• Several companies are offering specials for South Africans who've voted. 
  • All you need to do is present your thumb.  
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If you vote today, you can get free coffees, discounted chicken, grocery savings and free notepads.

Almost 27 million South Africans could vote today in the country’s sixth democratic elections - the biggest group in history. 

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All most companies require is an indelible-ink mark made on your thumb, made by Independent Election Commission (IEC) officials before you've voted. 

Business Insider South Africa made a list of all the specials you can get once you’ve voted. 

Free Coffee at Wimpy 

As in previous elections, Wimpy outlets across South Africa are offering a free cup of coffee just for showing up and showing your thumb.

A cup of filter coffee typically costs R19.90 at Wimpy. 

50% off chicken at Nando’s

Celebrating 25 years of democracy, Nando's is offering a quarter chicken with chips and a roll for only R25 until Thursday - a discount of roughly 50%. It is, however, limited to 300 meals per outlet. 

Free notepad at PnA 

The stationery retailer is offering voters a free notepad on presenting a marked thumb instore. The offer runs until Thursday. 

42% of chicken at Galito’s 

Like Nando’s, Galito’s is selling chicken and a roll for R25. Unlike the Nando's offer, Galito’s does not include chips in its deals. 

Galito’s does not require clients to show proof of voting. 

R40 voucher at Pick n Pay 

Pick n Pay is offering SmartShopper customers a R40 discount on their next purchase between 9-12 May if they spend R400 or more at the retailer.

Free coffee at Mike's Kitchen

Like Wimpy, Mike’s Kitchen will give you a free cup of coffee in exchange for proof that you’ve voted.  The offer is, however, only eligible to voters who also order a meal. 

The offer is not valid at Mike's Kitchen in Parktown. 

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