• Thousands of South Africans followed an Instagram page posing as Chicken Licken's, which offered free vouchers to the first 8,000 followers.
  • According to the agency in charge of the fast food chain's social media, the account is fake.
  • Which means no R300 vouchers for those who had their hopes up.

By noon on Tuesday some 4,000 people had followed Chicken Licken Instagram – in the hopes of being one of 8,000 lucky followers who would supposedly get a R300 voucher.

The Instagram page promising people free vouchers if they are the first to like the page

But the account is fake, Amber Mackeurtan, group account director at Joe Public United, the agency in charge of Chicken Licken's media accounts and advertisements, tells Business Insider South Africa.

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"It has been up for months and we've been trying to close it down," she says.

The agency has not been able to track down the operator of the account, and has taken the matter up with Instagram, Mackeurtan says.

"We currently have a team working on it."

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According to Mackeurtan, Chicken Licken has been getting calls from customers curious about the offer.

She confirms, however, that the only two official, legitimate, and real Chicken Licken social media accounts are Facebook and Twitter – and anything free offered by anyone else should be taken with a big dose of salt. 

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