(Supplied, OfferZen)
(Supplied, OfferZen)
  • Software developers in Cape Town earn up to 9.5% more than their counterparts in Johannesburg.
  • But living costs in Cape Town are much higher than in Joburg.
  • A developer with over 10 years experience can expect to earn R73,000 a month in Cape Town.

Capetonian software developers can earn almost 10% more than their Johannesburg counterparts, a new report by tech-recruitment agency OfferZen found.

But when living costs are accounted for, developers in Cape Town end up with less in their pockets. 

A new report by OfferZen, released on Friday, found that junior developers with up to 1-year job experience earn 2.5% more in Cape Town than in Johannesburg. Developers with 2-4 years of experience earn 9% more, those with 6-10 years get 4.6% more, and over 10 years of experience gets you 9.5% more.

Read OfferZen's full report here

Only at the six-year mark do Johannesburg developers earn more than Capetonians.
 (Supplied, OfferZen)
(Supplied, OfferZen)

Entry level software developers in Cape Town can expect to earn R24,000, compared to R23,000 in Johannesburg. Developers with 6-10 years of experience earn R64,200 on average in Cape Town and R61,300 in Johannesburg. A developer with over 10 years experience can earn roughly R73,000 in Cape Town.  

OfferZen, however, adjusted these salaries once living costs were taken into account. The agency found that, on average, people spend 9.8% more on living costs in Cape Town. This includes rent, groceries, restaurants and other consumables.

This means that you would only need to earn R36,000 per month in Johannesburg to get the same spending power as someone earning R39,500 in Cape Town.

Average salaries in Cape Town and Johannesburg com
Average salaries in Cape Town and Johannesburg compared to Cape Town adjusted for living costs (Supplied, OfferZen)

OfferZen also highlighted that salary estimates are based on their internal placements, and may, therefore, differ from the entire industry.

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Some 3% of tech companies founded in Cape Town the past decade also reached 100 employees or more, compared to less than 1% in Johannesburg.

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