Smart Shopper points
  • The Bottles app, which Pick n Pay officially acquired in October 2020, now earns customers Smart Shopper points.
  • The latest inclusion extends the supermarket chain's popular loyalty programme to all its online shopping platforms.
  • To earn points, customers will need to add their Smart Shopper card number at checkout.
  • This only needs to be done once as the app will automatically apply the same card number to all future purchases made through Bottles.
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Pick n Pay has extended its Smart Shopper programme to orders placed through the Bottles App which offers loyalty points on more than 8,000 items at in-store prices.

The inclusion of Smart Shopper points with Pick n Pay's on-demand delivery app completes the retailer's loyalty offering, with the programme now extending across all online channels. The Smart Shopper programme was already integrated with Pick n Pay’s online scheduled delivery service and Click n Collect option.

Bottles launched in 2016 as an on-demand alcohol delivery app. Two years later the platform partnered with Pick n Pay Liquor and by 2020 Bottles serviced nearly 100 company-owned liquor stores.

Bottles pivoted to grocery deliveries in March 2020, following the announcement of a coronavirus-induced lockdown which prohibited the sale of alcohol. Pick n Pay bought Bottles in October and officially relaunched the fully integrated mobile app in December, offering same-day deliveries in eight major cities throughout South Africa.

"Pick n Pay customers have fully embraced the convenience and seamless shopping experience offered by online shopping and we were quick to respond to that demand," explained John Bradshaw, the retail executive of Omnichannel at Pick n Pay, noting that the app's usage had surged by 700% in 2020 due to people spending more time at home.

Pick n Pay's Smart Shopper programme has also grown tremendously over the past decade, with year-on-year increases in active users. The loyalty programme currently has more than 8.5 million active members, who earn discount points on 75% of all sales. More than R3.5 billion in savings were amassed by Smart Shoppers in 2020, according to Bradshaw.

To earn points when buying products through Pick n Pay's Bottles app, customers will need to add their Smart Shopper card number at checkout. This is a once-off input and all future purchases made through the app will automatically acquire loyalty points attributed to the customer's unique Smart Shopper number.

Smart Shopper points can be spent as a "cash back" discount for a future purchase and on exclusive club deals. These points can also be used and earned via Pick n Pay's partners, including BP, Spur, Planet Fitness, and Ster Kinekor.

(Compiled by Luke Daniel)

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