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  • Slack is back online after experiencing an outage Tuesday evening, according to the company's status page.
  • Slack didn't say what had caused the outage, but confirmed it had restored the service and that "everyone should be able to connect to Slack now."
  • The workplace messaging service is used by thousands of workplaces around the world - especially amid the remote work boom.
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Slack is back online after an outage that lasted about two and a half hours on Tuesday evening.

At 7:26 p.m. PT, the workplace messaging app said "We have fully restored service and everyone should be able to connect to Slack now." Slack didn't say what caused the outage.

Slack first reported issues at 4:53 pm PT, saying at the time that "users have reported general performance issues such message sending failures and timeouts." At 5:02 pm PT, Slack updated the status and said "Users are unable to connect to Slack. We are investigating and will provide an update shortly."

More than 5,000 users reported having issues connecting to Slack shortly before Slack confirmed the issues, according to Downdetector.

Employees around the globe at organizations including Business Insider rely on Slack to communicate, organize tasks, and share information. During the outage, Downdetector's live outage map showed a concentration of Slack outage reports in the west coast of the United States, in Japan, and in Australia.

The timing of this outage came when many people around the world are working remotely to try and mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. Slack has rarely had outages that last this long. An outage on July 29, 2019, lasted about an hour.

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