Simple Saver Series: How to get out of debt

Business Insider SA
  • Managing your own finances can be stressful and overwhelming. 
  • Award-winning personal finance coach Mapalo Makhu, Game and Business Insider SA partnered to answer some of your most pressing personal finance questions.
  • This week, Mapalo shares her insights on how you can get out of debt. 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the global recession, paying off debt can seem like a never-ending journey. However, award-winning personal finance coach Mapalo Makhu says it can be done if you have a plan in place and alongside Game and Business Insider SA, she is here to give you insights on how to pay off debt.

"The first thing you need to do is go back to your budget," says Mapalo. Although it might seem old-school, your budget can show you if there is any loose money that you can put towards paying off your debt or whether you actually need to start earning an extra income. 

Get more insights from Mapalo in the video below.

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