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  • Fashion is subjective - but Silicon Valley stylist Victoria Hitchcock has a few rules for any man trying to pull off a polished look.
  • Hitchcock recommended ditching both khaki pants and flip-flops.
  • She told Vox that these were her two major fashion "no-nos" for men.

Fashion used to be much simpler for men.

Throughout much of the 20th century, men in white collar jobs would typically throw on a suit in the morning and be done with it. But from the 1990s onwards, workplaces dress norms have become more casual for both men and women.

Still, even though suits are no longer the norm in a large number of industries, many professional men still want to look polished. Stylists like Victoria Hitchcock are there to help them strike the perfect balance.

She specifically focuses on helping tech workers cultivate a look that's both effortless and put-together, in order to help them tackle Silicon Valley in style. Hitchcock charges clients a $2,000 (a tad over R28,300) upfront fee.

"I want my clients to express their own authenticity and brand and live their lives," Hitchcock told Business Insider.

That being said, Hitchcock does have two strict fashion rules that she told Vox about. According to her, men should avoid khaki pants and flip-flops at all costs.

When it comes to khakis, Hitchcock said that men should steer clear of that particular type of pants.

"There are other colour options, like dark olive green," she told Vox.

And as for flip-flops, Hitchcock added that the footwear doesn't have a place in more casual settings either.

"I don't care if they are rubber or leather, and I don't care if you are 'just wearing them to your friend's barbecue on the weekends,'" she said.

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