Shocking must-see videos of SA wildlife - from hippos flattening cars to lions popping tyres

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Business Insider South Africa asked Nadav Ossendryver, the founder of Latest Sightings, the most viewed YouTube channel in South Africa, to share his favourite wildlife videos.

The website, started as a fun idea when he was a teenager, now gets an average of 20 million views a month, with a staggering 785 million views over time, according to digital information platform Social Blade.  

Ossendryver wanted to create an app that will allow visitors to the Kruger National Park to tell other people where to find animals.

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He turned it into a business by asking tourists who capture incredible moments to share the videos on YouTube. They earn a share of the profits made from the monetisation of the videos.

Animal movement data that are captured through the app are shared with endangered wildlife research projects. 

Sightings of injured and poached animals also get reported through the app. These are sent immediately to nearby rangers and vets.

Visitors have captured some heart stopping moments: 

Like this Lion who wants to get inside a car

Elephant shows wild dogs and the police who's the boss

This elephant was large and in charge. 

Hippo attacks and hits a car

Brace yourself. This hippo ko’d this vehicle.   

Lion versus car door

They say that curiosity killed the cat, however, in this case curiosity could very well have killed the human being… always keep your doors locked around these guys.

Elephant charges and hits boat

An idyllic river-safari almost turned into a fatal crash during peak-hour on the Chobe River. 

Why your windows should be closed

The scary moment a male lion attacks a car just after mating with a lioness, near Skukuza. 

Lion bites tyre, which then explodes

A young male lion decided to test-taste a car tyre. 

Leopard punctures a Nissan's tyre

This leopard also likes tyre.

Hippo bites Land Rover as lions attack

A pride of lions attempts to take down a fully grown hippo. The hippo took out its frustration on a nearby vehicle.

Extremely close elephant encounter

Eswe Ras experienced this heart-pounding encounter with an elephant.

Black rhino charges car

This black rhino decided to charge a group of photographers, showing just how fast and unpredictable animals can be.

Hyena nearly opens car door

A pack of hyena surrounded a car, and one desperately wanted to get in. 

Lion shows tourists why you must stay inside your car

It’s a park rule for a reason. These tourists hanging out of their car got the fright of their lives when this lion felt threatened and barked at them. If he had decided to attack, there wouldn't have been enough time to get in the car and close the window.

Lion versus a car bumper - the lion won

Lions chase buffalo into a car

This scary video shows a group of tourists being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Two male lions take their chance at buffaloes and chase a herd right into a vehicle.

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