• A company called Seismic plans to introduce powered clothing: a fusion of apparel and robotics.
  • Its concept underwear suit is able to monitor the body and track things like posture, giving the user feedback in real time.
  • It also augments users' strength and endurance, making physically demanding activities easier.

A company called Seismic wants to introduce the world to powered clothing, which is a fusion of apparel and robotics.

Seismic's range of powered clothing undergarments. (TechCrunch)

"Our first product is integrating what we call intelligent wearable strength that is focused on the core," says Rich Mahoney, Seismic's CEO.

The underwear "symbiotically provides assistance to the hips and the lower back to support mobility and posture," he says.

The key abilities of the suit is its use of sensors to monitor the body and track posture, and then interact with the user to provide support. 

User receiving feedback on posture and activity. (TechCrunch)

Exoskeletons are what most of the public understands in terms of wearable robotics – but Seismic maintains it is not in the exoskeleton space. 

A in a robotic exoskeleton, another type of assistive powered wearable technology. (TechCrunch)

"When we think about what influences are going to directly drive the design of the apparel, much of it turns to come from the sport performance world. So those tend to be the experiences or products that are built for experiences where you need to have tremendous comfort, great range of mobility, be cool, dry and comfortable but look great at the same time," says Chris Gadway, Seismic's VP of design.

A Seismic robotic assistive powered suit being made. (TechCrunch)

Several hundred people are currently testing the suit in such activities as playing tennis and hiking.

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