• Security camera footage obtained by radio station OFM appears to show a meteorite impact just north of the South African border on Saturday night.
  • Though still unconfirmed, astronomers believe it could show the impact of an asteroid detected shortly before the flash.
  • A near Earth object observation program discovered the object a little over eight hours before the flash on the video.

Central South African radio station OFM on Sunday published what it said was footage obtained from a farmer in Ottosdal in North West, showing what could be a meteorite impact on Saturday night.

Members of a neighbourhood watch received reports of a bright light before receiving the CCTV footage from Barend Swanepoel and Wikus van Zyl from a farm near Klerksdorp.

Various South African eyewitnesses reported seeing the meteorite strike in what they believed to be Botswana.

The location matches an object discovered by an American near Earth object observation program, Catalina Sky Survey, with a projected impact at around the same time. It was discovered a little over eight hours before the impact.

A provisional meteorite observation report was filed for the event. The object is designated ZLAF9B2.

Bill Gray / ProjectPluto.com

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