Samsung have unveiled the three new companion robots and a future concept exoskeleton that could support people walking. The hardware giant unveiled the future concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019) in Las Vegas. 

"Robots are here now to enhance lifestyle," said Scott Cohen Senior manager of Project Training, Samsung.

The Bot Care

Samsung Bot Care. Photo Samsung

A companion bot for the elderly and sick. It can take vitals, check your sleep patterns and remind patients to take their medication. It can monitored remotely, so if you are out of the patients home you can check in on them to see if they're fine. 

The Bot Air

Samsung Bot Air. Photo Samsung

Then there is the Bot Air which cleans air pollution, a massive issue effecting cities like Beijing. The bot senses where there is air pollution in a room, be it a factory or a home, and then moves across to filter it.

Bot Retail

Samsung Bot Retail. Photo Samsung

Bot Retail is the robot waiter you've always dreamed of having. It's designed to collect orders, make purchases and then goes back into the stock room where staff can package the inventory and place it on the bots shelf.


Samsung Exoskeleton. Photo Samsung

Another future concept is an exoskeleton to help people with disabilities and mobility. The exoskeleton can help support the body, adding 20% more energy to an effected limb. Making it easier to walk up stairs or help you from stubbing you toe.  

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