The world’s most expensive smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, launches in SA – at R10,000 more than the highest priced iPhone

Business Insider SA
Samsung's new Galaxy Fold.
  • The Galaxy Fold finally launched in South Africa this week after a delay of more than six months. 
  • The phone will retail for R43,999 - over R10,000 more than the most expensive iPhone, the Pro Max 512GB. 
  • Samsung said the phone has undergone several improvements, after early reviewers complained about how easily the screen broke.
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Samsung’s long-awaited foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, launched in South Africa on Thursday, at a breathtaking price.

The smartphone, which was due in April but postponed when early reviewers complained about how easily the foldable screen broke, will retail for R43,999 in South Africa.

This means the 512GB smartphone is over R10,000 more expensive than the most expensive Apple smartphone, the iPhone Pro Max 512GB, which costs R32,999.

The Fold will officially be available in South Africa on October 18, and preorders have already opened on Samsung’s website.

A limited number of handsets available before the release date have already sold out in South Africa, Samsung said on Friday afternoon.

Samsung said the design of the smartphone - the first with a foldable screen - has been improved following the problems it first experienced. 

The company said the screen protector, which many people mistakenly took off in April, is now surrounded by a plastic rim to prevent removal. 

The folding mechanism has also been improved to make it more resistant to dust and debris.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was demonstrated on stage in San Francisco by Samsung representatives.

The phone opens up like a book to create a tablet-like experience, while the front has a smaller 4.6-inch screen - considerably smaller than the Galaxy Note 10’s 6.3-inch screen.  

It also has six cameras to take high-quality photos. 

Samsung said the device will easily help users to use up to three applications on one screen.