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Samsung launches its latest Apple Watch competitor in South Africa — and it's R6,000 cheaper

James de Villiers , Business Insider SA
 May 24, 2019, 05:34 PM
  • Samsung launched its latest line of Galaxy Fit smartwatches in South Africa. 
  • The Galaxy Fit E retails for R699, and the Fit for R1,999 - R6,000 cheaper than the Apple Watch series 4. 
  • Both watches can register up to 90 workouts, show notifications, and are waterproof. 
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Samsung - South Africa’s second largest smartphone maker - launched its Galaxy Fit range of fitness smartwatches in South Africa the past week.

The smartwatches, which come with sleep trackers and one-week battery life, are new competitors to the Apple Watch - one of the dominant selling smartwatches in the country. 

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The AMOLED colour display Galaxy Fit retails for R1,999 in South Africa - R6,000 cheaper than the cheapest Apple Watch series 4. 

The mono display Galaxy Fit E retails for R699. Both will be available at South African retailers in the first week of June. 

The Samsung Galaxy Fit E (supplied)
The Samsung Galaxy Fit E (supplied)

Like the Apple Watch, both watches can register up to 90 workouts, show notifications, are waterproof, and can reply to messages received on your smartphone. 

The watches also automatically detect workouts such as walking and running. 

However, unlike the Apple, can't answer phone calls, play music and podcasts, or detect if you took a big fall (and call an ambulance). 

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The Galaxy Fit (supplied)
The Galaxy Fit (supplied)

Samsung South Africa said both watches easily integrate with the Apple iPhone and other Android phones, but they do require the Samsung Fitness app to be installed. 

iPhone owners can earn Discovery Vitality fitness points with the new watches, but then both the Samsung Fitness app as well as its Wearables app need to be installed to sync properly, Samsung said. 

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