In the same breath as it debuted the new lineup of Galaxy S20 phones, Samsung has unveiled its next-generation, truly wireless earbuds: Samsung Galaxy Buds+. These new earbuds from Samsung swing a serious sucker punch toward Apple and its AirPods - here's why.

For one, the Galaxy Buds+ are surprisingly compatible with iOS devices, namely the iPhone starting with iOS 10. This means that they're actually up for your consideration against Apple's ubiquitous AirPods if you own an iPhone.

Secondly, the Galaxy Buds+ last more than twice as long on a charge as the AirPods (five hours) and AirPods Pro (4.5 hours) at a whopping 11 hours of listening time and 7.5 hours of talk time. Better yet, just three minutes of charging equates to one hour of playback time.

Finally, Samsung has priced the Galaxy Buds in an extremely competitive way. These earbuds are even cheaper than Apple's most affordable AirPods. That's pretty wild considering their superior battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ price


So, how much do Samsung's shiny, new true wireless earbuds cost? They call for just (R2,999)  - a whopping R1,200 less than Apple's latest Airpods Pro earbuds. 

Meanwhile, these Samsung headphones manage to come in cheaper than the original AirPods. You can also get the Galaxy Buds+ in three more colors than the AirPods: black, white, blue, and red.

Now that these headphones are natively compatible with iOS devices somehow, Samsung may have become the first truly serious challenger to Apple's stranglehold on the wireless earbuds scene. H

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ specifications


Here are the basic specifications for the Galaxy Buds+, which are tuned by AKG audio software, feature two-way dynamic speakers and include three microphones total for stronger voice quality.

  • Battery capacity: Earbuds: 85mAh; Case: 270mAh
  • Play time: Earbuds: 11 hours; Case + Earbuds: 22 hours
  • Talk time: Earbuds: 7.5 hours; Case + Earbuds: 15 hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5
  • Speaker: two-way dynamic (woofer + tweeter)
  • Microphones: two outer; one inner
  • Compatibility: Android 5.0 (RAM 1.5GB) and up; iPhone 7 (iOS 10) and up
  • Durability: Splash resistant (IPX2)
  • Audio Codec: SBC, AAC, scalable

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ release date


Unfortunately, we don't yet know the exact release date for the Samsung Galaxy Buds+. It's likely that they'll launch part and parcel with the Galaxy S20 phones, later this month in South Africa, but we can't be certain.

So, it's increasingly likely that these earbuds will launch in March, when the Galaxy S20 phones become generally available.

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