(Twitter, @MsTshepy)
(Twitter, @MsTshepy)
  • South Africans on Twitter shared how they battle with #SalaryDepression every month. 
  • This after radio presenter Thabo Mokwele on world mental health day asked listeners if they struggle with it. 
  • The SARB recently revealed that local salary growth was the lowest ever. 
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South Africans flooded Twitter to share their struggles and give advice on how to survive the month on a single salary. 

Under the hashtag #SalaryDepression, Twitter users shared advice on how best to save money, and some of the biggest mistakes they’ve made spending money. 

The hashtag started trending on Thursday, which is also world mental health day, shortly after Khaya FM presenter Thabo Mokwele (@tboseZA) asked followers if they suffer from #SalaryDepression. 

Users were quick to share how they are affected by #salarydepression, with some saying they only work to survive. 

@Lungswa shared that #SalaryDepression hits them from the first day of the month, to the last day of the month. 

@ThabisoMngoma1 said it is the salary that he receives which gives him #SalaryDepression. 


@MsTshepy said food and fuel is the cause of #SalaryDepression. 

 @sthe_213 said #SalaryDepression is caused by Black Tax and the cost of living, among others. 

Some users gave South Africans advice on how to wisely spend their money. 

@AshleyPhaka suggested that people get hospital plans instead of medical aid.

@VNoruka said he stays out of debt by living a simple life.

Others said those with salaries should consider themselves lucky as many South Africans are still looking for work. 

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) recently revealed that South African salary growth was the lowest ever at just 1%, Fin24 reported.

This means local salaries are not keeping up with inflation of around 4%.