• A South African steelworker in the United Kingdom was awarded £54,000 after his colleagues called him n****r, w**, 'immigrant' and ‘k*ff*r’, the Daily Mail reported
  • Wayne Hoch, who is white and has blonde hair, said he considered suicide as a result of the abuse.
  • His boss claimed it was just “office banter”. 
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A tribunal awarded a South African steelworker in the United Kingdom over £54,000 – or roughly R1 million – in compensation after he suffered racial abuse from his British colleagues, the Daily Mail reported.

35-year-old Wayne Hoch was reportedly taunted over his South African heritage. He said he had considered suicide as a result.

Hock, who is white and has blonde hair, was called a n****r, w**, 'immigrant' and ‘k*ff*r’ by his colleagues at Thor Anderson Steel Fabrications, the Sun reported.

In one incident, The Westmorland Gazette reported, a colleague shared an image on Snapchat of Hoch's head superimposed onto the body of a starving black child.

The words with the image read: “'Donate £1 a month to save this poor child”. 

In another instance, he was photoshopped next to a black woman with a child. The description on the picture read: “Congratulations Wayne on the newborn”. 

A voicemail left on Hoch's phone from his boss simply said: 'Foreign c***', The Dail Mail reported

His boss said the taunts were just "office banter".

Hoch worked at the company between 2014 and 2018.

In his resignation letter, Hoch said that the abuse he endured he found to be “threatening, degrading, racist and a violation of my personal self'.

Compiled by James de Villiers.