Russian President Vladimir Putin.
  • The US warned allies Russia is amassing troops on Ukraine's border, Bloomberg reported.
  • Sources said it could put 100,000 troops there, around half of which are there already.
  • The US warned Russia could invade in early 2022, the report said. Ukraine warned the same.
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The US is warning that Russia is massively expanding its military presence along its border with Ukraine and could invade in the next few months, sources told Bloomberg.

Sources described as having knowledge of the situation told Bloomberg that the US is sharing an assessment that there could be around 100,000 soldiers deployed if Russia decides to go ahead.

Two of the sources said that around half that number are already in place.

Bloomberg reported that the information about Russia's troop buildup was given to NATO members in the past few days.

The assessment aligns broadly with one given by the head of the Ukrainian defense intelligence agency, who told the Military Times that Russia has almost 100,000 soldiers stationed around its borders with Ukraine.

It appeared to be getting ready to invade early next year — by the end of January or beginning of February, 

Bloomberg also reported that the US is warning that Putin could consider invading in early 2022.

The US is not sure if an invasion is something Russia will actually do, Bloomberg reported. 

Russia is denying any such plans, Bloomberg reported.

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