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Here’s how to survive load shedding during the Springboks' quarter final Rugby World Cup match this weekend

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 Oct 18, 2019, 09:07 PM
  • The Springboks take on Japan in a Rugby World Cup quarter-final match on Sunday. 
  • The way things are going, load shedding may just get in the way for some fans. 
  • Here's how to survive load shedding on the weekend – without missing the big match.
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The Spingboks are due to take on host-nation Japan on Sunday at 12:15 local time in a quarter final of the Rugby World Cup – during what may or may not be stage 1 or stage 2 load shedding.

Eskom initially said it expected to avoid load shedding on the weekend – but on Friday night said it would implement stage 1 load shedding on Saturday because the national grid remains under too much pressure to supply power to everyone.

On Thursday the utility said it would implement only stage 1 blackouts on Friday, but moved to stage 2 nonetheless after it suffered a major setback losing additional generation capacity at Medupi power station in Lephalale, Limpopo

Here is how to prepare for the Springboks' quarter final match with load shedding in mind. 

Find an alternative venue by checking the load shedding schedule.

Shopping centres and individual bars may have backup generators in place, but you'd be taking a risk relying on those being operational and remaining so. Rather find a venue outside your local electricity block, be it a pub or a friend's house. One backup is good, but two is better.

Activate your DStv Now account now.

All DStv premium subscribers have access to DStv’s online streaming service DStv Now where all Rugby World Cup matches are streamed live. DStv is the only broadcaster with rights for the rugby world cup in South Africa.

Subscribers can register for their DStv Now account - for free - by simply visiting DStv Now’s website.

Be warned, the service previously broken down in the middle of a Springboks match, but it is the only official way to watch matches online, and you may need that.

Read: 'Sorry about that': DStv streaming drops Springbok fans during first Rugby World Cup match against New Zealand

Charge your devices.

Make sure that all cellphones and other devices on which you can watch the rugby, particularly iPads or laptops, are fully charged before load shedding kicks in.

Ensure that you have data – and a spare network provider.

Unless you have backup power to your router, your normal broadband connection will fail during load shedding, so you'll need the data to stream via a mobile network. 

But remember that cellular towers are also affected by load shedding, and your local network may be down or slow. Make sure you have access to a different network too. 

Follow the Sport24 live feed 

Sport24 will have a live feed of the entire match on the News24 application where you’ll be able to follow the match in real-time – if not on video.

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